MP3: “Wild rover” by Whiskey Bay Rovers


A mix of pirate songs, traditional sea shanties, Irish drinking songs, and other songs of the sea; some done a cappella with up to six part harmonies, some with guitar, drum, penny whistle and recorder accompaniment.

Band: Whiskey Bay Rovers

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Website: Whiskey Bay Rovers

Hometown: Lafayette, LA, USA

Similar Artists: The Bilge Pumps, The Corsairs, Clancy Brothers


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MP3: “The Road to Lisdoonvarna” by Baroque & Hungry


Baroque & Hungry is a Celtic fusion trio, incorporating rock, jazz, classical, and latin styles into traditional Celtic folk.

Band: Baroque & Hungry

Buy CD: Mended 

Download MP3: The Road to Lisdoonvarna

Website: Baroque & Hungry

Hometown: Highland Park, NJ, USA

Similar Artists: The Pogues, The Prodigals, Steve Earle


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Review: “The Guinness Situation” by The Canny Brothers Band

First and foremost, I just want to say that this album totally a winner just for it’s cover design….

The Guinness Situation

The Canny Brothers Band, based out of Brooklyn, NY, released their third CD, “The Guinness Situation,” earlier this year, and brings the feel of a Friday night with a few pints and friends at the local Pub to your CD Player, Computer or iPod/MP3 Player with an upbeat twist.

Their influences, which range from The Dubliners to The Pogues to The Grateful Dead and Van Morrison, are highly noticeable right off the bad with “Devil’s Bird,” a kind of a sway back and forth and clink glasses with your neighbors sing-a-long song about a man bringing his love back with him to his homeland of Galway.

It then goes into a fun upbeat and slightly kicked up version of “Drunken Sailor” which is always a staple in any Pub night.

While the CD also features other favorites as “Peggy Gordon” “Some say the Devil is Dead” (Which is always a hit in my book) and “Dirty Old Town” my personal favorite track is “Spanish Lady” which takes no prisoners and jumps right in with a fun mix of accordion, banjo, mandolin, bass and drums.

The album finishes off with “Boys in the Barroom” a percussion and mandolin filled jam that asks the question “Does God look down at the Boys in the Barroom?” Almost makes you think……….then it’s time for another round!!!

Overall, an enjoyable CD to play at any Irish themed party, or just whenever you need a smile on your face….This album will not let you down!

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Review: Broken Man by Erin’s Guild

Broken_ManErin’s Guild are an Irish Trio from the Boston Area of Massachusetts. Broken Man is their second release.

The immediate impression I got from this album is that it is a 100% trad album, a Celtic record through and through. Erin’s Guild sticks to pure Irish music, playing such familiar tunes as The Auld Triangle, and The Rising of the Moon, without taking any detours through Rock or Punk. While some might say that the band doesn’t break any new ground with the album, I find it rather refreshing to listen to a group that sticks to the folk formula without feeling the need to bring in outside influences. In addition with the trad tunes, the band plays a handful of originals: Distant Shore, Broken Man, Jackson’s Song, Eyes of Clover, and When All Is Over, which all keep in the traditional mold, but that don’t sound stale or derivative.

The instrumentation utilizes acoustic guitar, banjo, harmonica, bodhran, and concertina, and the production of the album, something that can make or break the overall effect, lets the instruments and vocals breath without overcrowding the mix. I like the inclusion of the skillfully played harmonica, the Bob Dylan fan that I am, I love seeing the mouth harp used in Irish music. Another highlight is the acapella rendition of ‘The Auld Triangle.’

A solid album in the traditional Irish Folk vein. Definitely worth picking up.

ARTIST: Erin’s Guild

ALBUM: Broken Man


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Review: “BOLD” by Nua

BOLD cover art 

 “Bold” is not your Father’s traditional Celtic music, and Nua is not your ordinary modern-day Celtic music band.  Nua has been very “Bold” in producing a CD that infuses alternative rock, jazz and traditional Celtic music, which guides us through a whole new dimension of Celtic music. Nua’s diversity with music genres and cultural styles, flowing in and out rhythmically, creates a complimentary force of what may be otherwise foreign to Celtic music.

I think it is important to note that each song does not sound the same, which often happens with instrumentals.  Here the tunes are mixed in such a way as to keep the interest of listening sparked.

Three persons compose and play original tunes for the band Nua.   Award-winning members: fiddle player James M. Law, guitarist Graeme McGillivray and bodhrán player Jacob McCauley. 

This CD is an instrumental with 14 pieces.

This band hails from Toronto, Canada

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The recording itself is very professional, with clarity of tones.

This is a CD that you keep a copy in your car at all times for its bouncy uplifting feel.  Zoom right thru that city traffic and float into the Celtic country.