“A Celebration of Twenty” by IONA

With a beautiful voice, Barbara Tresidder Ryan brings a many-layered grasp of the exciting to the Celtic traditions she sings.  Her multi-lingual talent also imbibes joy into every song.  I promise, I will listen to all the songs Barbara sings in Irish until I know them by heart.

The flute, fiddle, guitar, base, drums and pipes…  I feel the need to create a new word to describe the extreme talent and the love of the music that Bernard Argent, Andrew Dodds and Chuck Lawhorn bring to the music they play.  It would be something like “delightlushly jazzy”, meaning playful, crisp, concise and hot!

But then there are the haunting, slow and soft songs that quiets and warms your heart.  They are all great songs done very well.  Their music stretches around life and blends in to allow your mood, and your soul, to unknowingly lift.  You’ll want to listen to “IONA” by yourself, in a group, during a dinner party or simply cleaning the house.  Yes, “IONA” is that diverse.

My favorite songs on this album are “Atholl Highlanders/Kesh Jig”.  It’s lively with great pipes, flutes and drums.  “Fosgail An Daras Dhan Tailler Fhidhleir-Old Wife of the Mill Dust”.  It has Irish lyrics, a great fast pace and lively pipes.  There are 26 gems and it was really hard to pick a favorite or two.  This is a double CD, so you can find one, two or ten that you’ll love!!

Artist: IONA
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Hometown: Canton, Ohio
Similar Artists: The Clancy Brothers, The Corries, The Irish Rovers, Makem & Spain Brothers

Written by Don Dyer, for the Celtic Music Magazine. Don Dyer is a professional watercolor artist, author, and book cover designer who lives and works in New Mexico. See some of his work at www.dyerinks.com.

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