17 Free Celtic MP3 Downloads for St. Patrick’s Day 2014

The Luck o'the Irish is with you. Because today, you're gonna get a whole bunch of free St. Patrick's Day MP3s. This comes courtesy of Celtic Music Magazine, the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast and each of these incredible bands below who so graciously offered their music as free Celtic music downloads.

Four leaves clover

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Is this St. Patrick's Day Music Really Free?

I started giving away 17 awesome Celtic MP3s for St. Patrick's Day in 2005. That makes this is the tenth edition of this article. Each year, more and more people download these free St. Patrick's Day MP3s. So YES! This is absolutely free!


Every year, a bunch of Celtic bands submit MP3s to the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast. Many give me permission to add some of their songs to Song Henge, the fan club and free Celtic music archive I mentioned above. When St. Patrick's Day rolls around, we collect some of our favorite Celtic MP3s from the year into one giant zip file and give you permission to download the album entirely for free. It's sort of like a best of the year sampler for Song Henge.

Best of all, you don't need to subscribe to anything
to get the free St. Patrick's Day music downloads!

All you have to do is click the link below!

What's the catch?

My goal in giving away free Irish music is to help of the bands featured on the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast and the Celtic Music Magazine to find new fans. These bands want you to hear their music. With any luck, you will start following them. Then maybe see a show. Then buy every CD they ever release. Yes, we're in it for the long term to make new Celtic music fans for these awesome bands.

So if you find a track by a band you love, then please, please, please, do the following…

  • Go to the band's website
  • Listen to their music
  • Join their mailing list
  • Buy their CDs, digital downloads or swag, if you can
  • And then, TELL A FRIEND

That's all we ask. We want you to start enjoying well over an hour of great free Celtic MP3s for St. Patrick's Day right now!

How to Download Your Free Celtic MP3s for St. Patrick’s Day

The music is all easily compiled into one large ZIP file. To download,

  • Right-click the link below.
  • “Save as” to the folder you choose.
  • Then unzip the file.

Download: 17 Free Celtic MP3s for St Patrick’s Day 2014 (ZIP file, 97 MB)

Again, if you enjoy the music, please show your support of the bands you enjoy. See their shows. Buy their CDs and swag. You can also download music from all of these artists from AmazoniTunes or CD Baby.

17 Free St. Patrick's Day Music Downloads

Rathkeltair, http://www.rathkeltair.com
from 8
The Ballad of Colonel John Macintosh

Kevin McCormack, http://kevinmccormackmusic.com
from An Emigrant’s Letter
Come My Little Son

The Shams, http://www.theshamseire.com
from Go On Home Boys
Cruel Sister

La Unica, http://www.launicamusic.com
from La Unica
Irish Rock Song #4

The Gothard Sisters, http://www.gothardsisters.com
from Compass
Flying Sails

Finvarra, http://www.finvarramusic.com
from Finvarra
Kelpie-Cliffs of Moher

Jack Carey http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=edfNeMIm2Jk
from The Emigrants Story
The Emigrants Story

Vicki Swan & Jonny Dyer, http://www.swan-dyer.co.uk
from Red House
Rambling Shuiler

Tea Merchants, https://www.reverbnation.com/theteamerchants
from Gaslights Snaps
Frogg Polkas

Burning Bridget Cleary, http://burningbridgetcleary.com
from Pressed for Time
Ballad of Tim Evans

Marc Gunn, http://www.marcgunn.com/
from Scottish Songs of Drinking & Rebellion
Loch Tay Boat Song

Telenn Tri, http://www.telenntri.com/
from Telenn Tri
An Andro

The Rogues, http://therogues.com
from Live in Canada, Eh?
Cullen Anderson

The Fire Inside, http://www.thefireinsideceltic.com
from Strike the Match

Baroque & Hungry, http://baroqueandhungry.com
from Mended
The Road to Lisdoonvarna

Gwilym Morus, http://welshmythology.com
from Awena

Heather Dale, http://heatherdale.com/
from My Celtic Heart
Star of the County Down

Marc Gunn is a rhythm and folk musician inspired by Celtic culture, science fiction, fantasy, and cats. It’s like a satirical jam session between The Clancy Brothers and Weird Al Yankovic. Gunn hosts the award-winning Irish & Celtic Music Podcast. He is Chief Editor of the Celtic Music Magazine. Find out more at www.celticmp3s.com.  Check out Gunn's St. Patrick’s Day playlist on YouTube featuring music from his latest CD. His Best Irish Drinking Songs compilation is a chart-topping sensation. Find more St. Patrick's Day music here. 

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