17 Free St. Patrick’s Day MP3s for 2010

by Marc Gunn

Every year for St. Patrick’s Day, I compile a new list of St Patrick’s Day MP3 downloads that are 100% free and legal. Many of these artists are played regularly in the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast. And ALL of these artists are generous enough to offer their music for free in the Celtic MP3s Music  Magazine.

This year's free downloads were featured in show #79 of the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast. You can listen to the show as a podcast, download the ZIP file, add the MP3s to your MP3 player, or burn them to a CD. It's your choice. But it's totally free.

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I write this article every year and compile these free MP3s is to help promote independent Celtic music. If you find an artist that you really love on this compilation, go to the artist website, drop them an email to let them know you found them through the Celtic MP3s Music Magazine. Then buy their CD.

Download “17 Celtic Music Downloadsfor St. Patrick’s Day” (98.5 MB)

To download, right-click the link and “save as” to the folder you choose. Then unzip the file.  (p.s. these MP3s will only be up for a month, so download them soon)

17 Free Irish & Celtic Music Downloads for St. Patrick’s Day

“Shoot The Mink (STM Jig For Brian, Lula's Jig, Lula's Reel)” by Kennedy's Kitchen
from The Hotting Fire

“A Bucket Full of Mountain Dew” by Poitin
from Jiggery Pokery

“Eamonn an Chnoic (Ned of the Hill)” by Daphne Quigley-Freund & Tom Bradfish
from Aoibhneas (Bliss)

“The Saucy Sailor” by Burning Bridget Cleary
from Everything Is Alright

“Andy Broon's” by Brad Reid
from The Conundrum

“The Pilgrim” by Stonecircle
from Metamorphosis

“Black Velvet Band” by Marc Gunn
from The Bridge

“Sally Gardens/Frank's Reel” by Nine-8ths Irish
from Out on the Ocean

“Raglan Road” by Luke Daniels
from Art of Trio

“Gusty's Frolics” by The Tea Merchants
from One Lump Or Two?

“Heart of the Brave” by Maidens IV
from Celtic Fire

“Air and Jig (Fair Maid of Barra, Walking the Floor)” by Na'Bodach
from An Intelligent Design

“Ten Thousand Miles To Bedlam” by Ockham's Razor
from Ten Thousand Miles to Bedlam

“Gladsheim” by John McGaha
from Exodus: An ElectroCelt Journey

“Pat Works On the Railway” by Paddy's Pig
from Maple & Wire

“Down Where the Drunkards Roll” by Jiggernaut
from In Search of More

“Craigieburn Wood” by Anne Roos
from A Light in the Forest

I hope you have a brilliant St. Patrick’s Day.

Remember to share this article with your friends. Slainte!

Marc Gunn is an acoustic Celtic folk musician, called “The Godfather of Celtic music online” for his steadfast support of indie Celtic music, free Celtic music downloads, and his award-winning Irish and Celtic Music Podcast, one of the most-popular music podcasts on iTunes. He has helped 1000s of musicians save and make money with their musical groups through The Bards Crier Music Marketing Ezine. Now you can get FREE “how-to” music marketing and promotion advice, plus tips on how to sell more CDs when you subscribe today. Subscribe at www.bardscrier.com!

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17 Free St. Patrick’s Day MP3s for 2010 — 8 Comments

  1. I thank you for the possibility to have a free download of Celtic music.
    I love the Celtic music but I have not the possibility to buy. I am a retired man and I must be careful with the money.
    Thank you again.
    Dan Lazarescu, age 61 years, Galati, Romania

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  3. Doesn’t look like any of them are free to me. Looks like all are .99 when you go to the link.

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