Review: “Shades Of Music” by Crépuscule

Artist: Crépuscule
Album: Shades of Music

If you love traditional Scottish music, this is a must-have CD. Crépuscule gives a variety of songs on this album, all delivered with polish and poise. You’ll hear some wonderful arrangements where the instruments are truly allowed to shine–and the players definitely know how to put forth their best as well. Some tracks focus in more on the tune while others are vocal-oriented, so there is something here for every taste.

Listen for the usual–the bagpipes, fiddle and harp; but expertly played. You will also hear the cittern, guitar and percussion instruments here. The Canadian band has a core of three able musicians, but you may hear guest performers as well. There are quite a few sets on the CD, and each with a slightly different flavor. I really enjoyed “Devil in the Kitchen Set”, “The Oyster Wife’s Rant Set” and the “Mrs. Lyall Set”, but you’ll get no complaints from me about the others.

Those who favor traditional music of the Scottish Highlands and Lowlands will find it here, along with musicians that are more than capable of delivering it with style and ability. A good CD.

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