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Greetings Celtic Music Lovers,
Right now, I’m listening to my own St. Patrick’s Day Podcast because it’s that time of year. It’s time to start promoting indie Celtic music for St. Patrick’s Day.

In fact, yesterday, I even changed the tag line for the Celtic MP3s Music Magazine. For years, I’ve listed it as “Changing the Way You Hear Celtic Music Since 2000”.

That is still appropriate, but with the mission statement I presented you last month, I decided to change our tagline to “The Home of Indie Celtic Music Online”. That is, after all, what this magazine is all about. We feature independent Celtic music reviews, mp3s, profiles and more. It’s all about the indie Celtic musician.

As a Celtic music lover, St. Patrick’s Day is like Christmas for the Celtic culture. It’s a holy day. Not just because it celebrates a saint, but because it celebrates our entire Celtic culture.

While most places will hold communion over a pint of green beer, St. Patrick’s Day is so much more than that. It’s our day to join together and smile. Because the world is recognizing our Celtic heritage as a hallmark of civilization.

So I want to encourage you to share your love of your heritage starting today and culminating with our celebrations of St Patrick’s Day on March 17th.

Here’s a few ways you can get involved:

  1. Go out and see a live Celtic music show.
  2. Buy a Celtic CD.
  3. Share your thoughts about the bands you enjoy on Facebook or your favorite social network.
  4. Tell the world that you LOVE independent Celtic music.
  5. Sign up with your local Celtic non-profit organization.
  6. Volunteer to help make a Celtic event happen.
  7. Share your knowledge of your Celtic heritage on- and offline.

If you need a place to begin, then start at your Home of Indie Celtic Music, the Celtic MP3s Music Magazine. Because yes, we’re changing the way you hear Celtic music.


In order to serve you better, I decided to add a few new social networking tools at the Celtic MP3s Music Magazine. First and foremost, you can now Like all the webpages that you enjoy.

Have you read Jack Montgomery’s review of “Lyrics of Gold” by Ed Miller? Well, now if you like that album or just the review, then you can share your love of it on Facebook, Twitter, Digg, or more. Spread your love of the magazine and the music, by sharing it with your friends.

Raymond McCullough’s Celtic Roots Radio podcast posted a new Celtic iMix for folks living in the UK. So support indie Celtic music by rating his iMix.

Finally, show #99 of the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast is now online. Music from The Flying Toads, The Crossing, The Shanties, Billfiddle, David Roon, Arlene Faith, Patrick Clifford, Sara Hillis, The Eben Brooks Band, Kilmaine Saints, Mishaped Pearls, Mudmen, Ceann.

Finally, my apologies for the Celtic MP3s delay. I know we haven’t offered any since October. However, I am hoping we will have those up very soon. In the meantime, you can listen to and download all the MP3s on the website.

Photo by juergen49

The itinerary for the Celtic Invasion of Ireland that’s taking place this summer is now online. We have an exciting trip planned for you, including:

2 nights in rural Co. Sligo to recover from flight and time changes and to settle into Ireland and be introduced to its mysterious mythology.

3 nights at Glencolumcille, a beautiful place in SW Co. Donegal

to share and enjoy a mix of traditional activities including

building a curragh boat, learning a bit of gaelic, finding out more about traditional music, traditional cottage living, and gathering wild food from the shore

2 nights in Dublin, lots of choices in the day and evening including a hop on hop off bus ticket for the day gets you around Dublin and to a selection of sites, visitor’s centres, museums and galleries

It all takes place June 13-20, 2011. And if you sign up before February 20th, you will save $300 off the regular price.

Download the Complete 2011 Itinerary (PDF)

Find all the details when you visit the website at celticinvasion.com/2010/03/celtic-invasion-of-ireland-2011/.

Liam, Corey & Anne
Photo by Irish Fireside

Last month, the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast posted our annual Best of the Year episode. Each of the 20 artists on the show were picked by you, the listener. There were a lot of stellar songs and musicians featured. I urge you to give the show a listen and to share your favorites with the world.

Oh! And don’t forget to vote in the Celtic Top 5!

That’s not the only place to find the best Celtic music of the year. My weekly Pub Songs Podcast featured three Best of the Year episodes, including Best Celtic Folk Bands, Best Traditional Celtic Bands, and the Best Celtic Rock Bands of 2010. Next week, I plan to feature Best Celtic Bands to Keep An Eye On.

You can find all the bands on the website at www.pubsong.com.

Irish & Celtic Music Podcast on Facebook

Thanks to everyone who Like the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast’s facebook page. Those like shot us up well above 1100 fans which is great for the page, but it’s also a great way to stay on top of the latest occurrences of this magazine. Each of our reviews is cross-posted on facebook, as well as free MP3s, articles and more.

Join the podcast page on facebook today.


Our team of Celtic reviewers and writers is growing every month. We have a LOT of new CD reviews done and more coming. However, I still have over sixty albums that need reviewing. We need YOUR help!

We are looking for CD reviewers. You don’t have to be a professional writer. You just need to be a self-starter who loves to write.

So please support your Celtic community and get involved.

Contact your editor@celticmp3s.com for more details.

Review: “Gleowein” by Vicki Swan and Jonny Dyer


Once a month, I highlight Celtic music artists who were reviewed by my Celtic MP3s Music Magazine. It’s a nice way to promote great indie Celtic musicians.

All purchases through Amazon via the links below also help support the magazine as well.

You can see a full list of featured bands and find all of my CDs in my Celtic Music CD Store at www.celticmusic.org.

“That Night in the Garden” by Emerald Rose

Review: “That Night in the Garden” by Emerald Rose

Emerald Rose has been making music in the Celtic vein since late 1996 and, in the intervening years, have managed to put out seven CDs geared towards lovers of Celtic-inspired music. Their latest, “That Night in the Garden”, is a CD that was recorded at  a series of concerts in [read review…]

“Out in the West” by The Indulgers

Review: “Out in the West” by The Indulgers

“Out of the West” is the sixth CD release from The Indulgers, a Colorado-based band who comes from serious Celtic roots, as displayed in their stable of recordings. The CD continues this Celtic influence, though here it is mixed liberally with some Western-oriented motifs (thus the name of the [read review…]

“Thistle Dew” by Christina Connell

Review: “Thistle Dew” by Christina Connell

If you’re looking for some traditional Scottish music, you’re in for a treat here. On Thistle Dew, Christina Connell has collected a number of traditional Scottish tunes and given them a symphonic twist. The result is a pleasant collection of upbeat music that sounds a bit like Enya’s music [read review…]

“Sleepers Awake” by Char Butler and Amber Whitworth

Review: “Sleepers Awake” by Char Butler and Amber Whitworth

In a very short time Char Butler has achieved a wide audience. She was nominated for the 2010 Indie Artist Award for the Starliners Radio and was elected 2008’s Crossover Artist of The Year by New Music Weekly Magazine . Char’s music is gentle, atmospheric, and melodic with a [read review…]

“Three Mile Stone” by Three Mile Stone

Review: “Three Mile Stone” by Three Mile Stone

The self-titled debut album by Three Mile Stone, a trio of string musicians, opens with a nice instrumental song showing off their musical skills. Just when you think this is an all-instrumental album however, the second track tells a different story. A subdued – a term you might use for all the [read review…]

“Bushes, Briars & Figs – Live at the Riviera” by Embarr

Review: “Bushes, Briars & Figs – Live at the Riviera” by Embarr

Michigan-based Embarr is a three-piece band that is self-described as “Celtic fusion” and a quick glance at the play list of their new CD quickly confirms the “Celtic”. The selections are a healthy mix of traditional melodies  and traditional songs. Reels and [read review…]

“Noone Lasses” by Anton Emery

Review: “Noone Lasses” by Anton Emery

On his debut album Noone Lasses, Anton Emery takes traditional Celtic music and adapts it for fingerpicking on the acoustic guitar, and he does it very well. With apparent ease, he takes traditional Celtic tunes and makes them his own. What I mean by that is, he doesn’t just play them, he does something [read review…]

“Mystical Moments, A Sign of Things To Come” by Jacie McConnell

Review: “Mystical Moments, A Sign of Things To Come” by Jacie McConnell

Jacie McConnell’s “Mystical Moments” is more than just a collection of Celtic-inspired instrumentals. The artist takes the listener on a trip to the long-lost land of the Fae called Tir N’an Nog, using music as the preferred method of transport. In the same style as the [read review…]

“Below the mists, above the brambles” by MaterDea

Review: “Below the mists, above the brambles” by MaterDea

“Below the mists, above the brambles” is the first CD from MaterDea, a duo based out of Turin, Italy. The CD is a wonderful blend of classical styled melodies mixed liberally with pulse-pounding rock rhythms that move the songs along. The two main members of the band, Simon Papa and [read review…]

Thanks again for subscribing to the Celtic MP3s Music Magazine. I hope you enjoy all the new music.


– Marc Gunn

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