Review: “Noone Lasses” by Anton Emery

Artist: Anton Emery
Album: Noone Lasses

On his debut album Noone Lasses, Anton Emery takes traditional Celtic music and adapts it for fingerpicking on the acoustic guitar, and he does it very well. With apparent ease, he takes traditional Celtic tunes and makes them his own. What I mean by that is, he doesn’t just play them, he does something with them.

It’s hard to describe what exactly happens in the transformation to fingerpicking arrangements, but the result sounds great. It’s like Anton takes some sandpaper and removes the rough edges from the music, leaving us with instrumental music that goes down very smoothly. The characteristic sound of the acoustic guitar strings just adds to that charm.

The end result is a CD that may not be suitable for a party, but it’s all the more suitable for listening to while relaxing after a long working day, while working to aid concentration, or just to bask in the warm, pleasing notes. Anton Emery shows here that Celtic music doesn’t have to be all about drinking whiskey and dancing all the time (no matter how pleasant those activities may be), but that it can be sophisticated as well. In short, Noone Lasses is a very successful debut, and it’ll likely make you hungry for more.

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