Review: “Thistle Dew” by Christina Connell

Artist: Christina Connell
Album: Thistle Dew

If you’re looking for some traditional Scottish music, you’re in for a treat here. On Thistle Dew, Christina Connell has collected a number of traditional Scottish tunes and given them a symphonic twist. The result is a pleasant collection of upbeat music that sounds a bit like Enya’s music without the singing.

That’s not to say it’s all honey-sweet though. Since it’s Scottish music, drums are present as well (for instance on Campbell’s Farewell to Redcastle), but the symphonic arrangements make sure that the music maintains a certain calmness, making this CD very easy on the ears. It’s really like being taken on a relaxing trip to Scotland, as the CD’s subtitle A Symphonic Journey to Scotland implies.

This particular recording does have one drawback, however. While Christina Connell’s musical prowess is unmistakable, some of the supporting instruments sound a bit cheap, as if their sounds were produced by a synthesizer. I can’t help but feel that a re-recording with a proper orchestra, which is probably the way it was meant to be played, would make this music really stand out. Such a re-recording would be a well-deserved tribute to Christina Connell, and definitely a pleasure to listen to. As it is, Thistle Dew is still good – like a diamond in the rough.

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