Review: “Bruised But Not Beaten” by The Fisticuffs

Coming right out of the gate with their rendition of “Drunken Sailor”, The Fisticuffs CD, “Bruised But Not Beaten” knocks you off your feet from the get go. Whenever a band nails that first track I always get excited to see what the rest of the album has in store for my ears. Know what I mean?

The pulse of the album is racing and powerful–with a great “punk” feel to it. No lazy musicians in sight–everyone involved is in it up to the eyeballs and the energy is palpable. Songs such as “20 Years Gone” are surprisingly emotional, adding another dimension to the album which was a little unexpected–but terrific!

Other tunes on the CD that I found myself drawn to include “Fair Maidens & Alcohol”, which had almost a heavy metal sound to it as the music careened around wildly, and “I Endure”, the last track on the album, which had a totally different tone to it than the others. I have to say, I don’t mind the shifts in mood–here they really work for the good of the whole.

All in all, the mixture of sounds and songs held my attention and interest throughout. I very much enjoyed listening to the 14 tracks here, each of which made its own unique contribution to the overall CD. “Bruised But Not Beaten” has just the right combination of hard and soft, strong and yielding, to be a more intelligent album than many others in this genre of music.

The result is a CD that ebbs and flows quite nicely.

Artist: The Fisticuffs
Bruised But Not Beaten

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