Review: “Far and Away” by New Minstrel Revue

Artist:  New Minstrel Revue
Album:  Far and Away

New Minstrel Revue has been playing the festival circuit for years.  Far and Away is their ‘debut’ album offering.  You will find 13 tracks mostly filled with classic songs like “Blackleg Miner”, “Bedlam Boys”, and “The Minguelay Boat Song”.  The ubiquitous guitar and harmony of the male vocals create a mellow ambiance while listening to this album.  Base, flute, and mandolin keep the music engaging and distinct.

An especially stand out track is “Molly Would You Wait For Me”.  Molly is a story about a hapless man who makes poor choices in life.  While in Jail the man puts all his hope into a woman, Molly, who is very unlikely to return his affections.  One can only speculate about the sequel when he finally confronts Molly with his love.

The only criticism of this album is New Minstrel Revue played it too safe by staying with so many classic songs.  They have the talent and creativity to gather a following around original music.

T. Scott Stahl is a computer professional, freelance writer, budding woodworker, and writer for the Celtic MP3s Music Magazine.

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