Review: “Flow” by The Nettles

The Nettles are an Celtic acoustic band that hails from Oregon. You can hear by their sound that they have been together a long time–the music is tight, and expertly played. Formed in 1996, this is a traditional group that has some unexpected moments throughout the CD. What that means is, fans of the traditional Celtic sound will enjoy the music here on “Flow”, but the band has a surprise or two in store as well. They don’t always play by the rules.

Personally, I think that makes the CD all the more enjoyable.

Most of the tunes here can be described as “high-energy”, and the verve and style with which they are played rival any band I’ve heard in the genre. From the joyous banjo music to the lovely fiddle, there is never any doubt that this is a musician’s band. They all play so well that it is a pleasure to hear what they are serving up.

I loved songs such as “Fox Got Away” and “Scatter the Mud”, which were simple but full of flavor. More complex tunes like “Halting March Medley” were always arranged in such a way as to be immensely listenable as well. This band has succeeded in putting out a well-rounded collection of great Celtic music. The album is titled well!

Artist: The Nettles
Album: Flow

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