Review: “Kilted Concertina” by Matthew Gurnsey

A wildly eclectic musician, Matthew Gurnsey, also known as the Kilted Man, has been performing music professionally for over 10 years.  With a unique voice and a stylistic sound all of his own, Matthew shows off his considerable talent in his album Kilted Concertina. On this album, Matthew really tries to focus on purely traditional Scottish songs while featuring the titled instrument, the concertina, and gives us a nice sampling of some of these old standards.

Some of the more well known songs on the album are “Twa Recrutin Sairgents,” “Rowan Tree,” “Black Velvet Band,” and “Danny Boy.”  On each of these tracks, Matthew focuses on the song itself and gently lets the song shine through rather than having it get lost in an overdone arrangement.

In “Danny Boy,” at the beginning and through most of the song, we mostly hear Matthew’s deep, clear bass voice resonating with emotion as it is accompanied by the concertina.  As the song progresses, however, other instruments are brought in to accent the emotions in the song, but we never feel it to be too cluttered and instead are left with a richer experience.

In the end, Matthew Gurnsey achieves what he sets out to do.  In his own words, “Through my music you can feel the green shamrocks underfoot, catch the aroma of a distant salt sea, and taste the highland rain upon your lips!”

Artist: Matthew Gurnsey
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Stephen Mc Sweeney is a High School English/Drama teacher.  Besides writing for the Celtic MP3s Music Magazine, he enjoys acting, writing and playing Celtic music.  He can be seen as one of the members of the band Terrible Musicians, where he plays percussion and mandolin.

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