Review: “Mystical Moments, A Sign of Things To Come” by Jacie McConnell

Jacie McConnell - Mystical Moments A Sign Of Things To Come

Artist: Jacie McConnell
Album: Mystical Moments, A Sign of Things To Come

Jacie McConnell’s “Mystical Moments” is more than just a collection of Celtic-inspired instrumentals. The artist takes the listener on a trip to the long-lost land of the Fae called Tir N’an Nog, using music as the preferred method of transport. In the same style as the Trans-Siberian Orchestra, McConnell begins with a narrative before launching into the opening theme, and then progresses into an interesting blend of instrumental tones.

Featuring frequent narrative interludes, this voyage through the land of Faerie has musical surprises all throughout–the tracks aren’t terribly similar from one to the next, so you’re not getting the same sound a dozen times over. (One particular gem is “The Given,” featuring an integrated remix of Massive Attack’s “Teardrop,” made popular as the theme music to TV’s House, MD.)

Starting with the “Gypsy’s Dance” and ending with “Wild Maggie,” the album gives the listener a unique feeling of the oral tradition of Celtic stories mixed with music all throughout. (The whole album concludes with a remix of “My Piece of Gratitude,” track 11.) Overall, an enjoyable musical tale.

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