Review: “Out in the West” by The Indulgers

Artist:  The  Indulgers
Album: Out in the West

“Out of the West” is the sixth CD release from The Indulgers, a Colorado-based band who comes from serious Celtic roots, as displayed in their stable of recordings. The CD continues this Celtic influence, though here it is mixed liberally with some Western-oriented motifs (thus the name of the CD) and driving rock/pop sounds, as well.

Though the Celtic sounds are harder to hear in some songs than in others, they do run through the CD. In songs like “Wildfire” or “Western Justice Town”  the familiar sounds are easier to hear, but even those songs which veer farthest away from the familiar Celtic (“Mission Man, for example”) are still very well done and very entertaining to listen to. The rhythms, whether Celtic or rock/pop, have a tendency to make one’s feet tap happily.

The CD overall is an homage to the attitude and atmosphere that were the Old West and to the influence that our Irish ancestors had on it. All in all, it is a solid addition to their body of work and a CD that lovers of Celtic tunes will enjoy their tour through.

Floyd Brigdon is an English instructor at a community college right outside of  Dallas, Texas. In addition to writing reviews for Marc Gunn’s Celtic MP3s Music Magazine , he also writes book reviews for She Never Slept (a website devoted to science fiction, strange tales and horror) and plays with his band Triskelion at every possible opportunity.

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