Review: “Saints & Sinners” by The Kreellers

Artist: The Kreellers
Album: Saints & Sinners

If you are looking for something in the Celtic rock genre to add to your collection, you may want to check out The Kreellers latest effort. This five piece band hails from Detroit, Michigan and they pack a lot of energy into their CD, “Saints & Sinners”.

Although the traditional sound is present and accounted for, you’ll hear elements of punk–and even funk–along with the expected thumping rock beat in these songs. Those who enjoy a blend of these musical tastes will be very pleased at the songs  presented here on this album. The title track is a perfect example, with its energy and verve. The band isn’t afraid to explore a more sensitive side either, which is evidenced by the work on songs such as “The Green Fields of France” and “Fields of Athenry”.

The vocals and instrumentation on the CD are top notch, and make everything that much more of a joy to listen to. This is not a band that has thrown together some tracks and made a quick album for the heck of it. These are skilled players that offer a good look at the Celtic rock genre when it is at its best.

This band may not have a long history of albums behind them, but what they have delivered here is definitely worthy. I”m sure there will be more to come.

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