Review: “Sleepers Awake” by Char Butler and Amber Whitworth

Artist: Char Butler and Amber Whitworth
Album: Sleepers Awake

In a very short time Char Butler has achieved a wide audience. She was nominated for the 2010 Indie Artist Award for the Starliners Radio and was elected 2008’s Crossover Artist of The Year by New Music Weekly Magazine .

Char’s music is gentle, atmospheric, and melodic with a touch of melancholy. Her daughter, Amber Whitworth performs with her on secondary lead and harmony to complete their soft-rock vocal presentation. Amber solos on the moody single “Waited till Noon.”

Char’s melodic structures often have a Celtic flavor but do not address traditional Celtic themes. Char and Amber sing about peace, Christian spirituality, positivism and personal transformation. She covers The Beatles famous “Let it Be” and the gospel classic “Wade in the Water” giving both her own musical ambience. Her rocking version of “Peace (Whatever happens)” is a lament to lost love while “Higher Truth” is an appeal for spiritual wholeness.

Simply put, “Sleeper’s Awake” is a musical offering for those looking for soft, beautiful music with an almost healing quality.

Jack Montgomery is an author, musician and academic librarian who performs Celtic and folk music with the band Watersprite. His CDs “Onward to Avalon, “Everywhere I Look” and “Tradition With A Twist” have been featured on, college and Internet radio stations in the U.S., U.K. and Europe. He is a guest writer for the Celtic MP3s Music Magazine.

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