Review: “Tangled Up” by Mithril

This is a Celtic/World Music group that has an incredibly polished sound and a fantastic range of songs. The album, “Tangled Up” is all about showing the listener what Mithril can do musically–and I’m here to tell you–it’s considerable.

The focus here is on the instruments, and there is no doubt that the four band members play them well. When you have a listen, it won’t come as a shock to hear that they have been making music together since 2003, or that this is not their first album together.

On “Tangled Up”, older “fan favorites” are included alongside some of the band’s newest sets, giving the listener a clear picture of what the band can do with Celtic music. You may find that you are as captivated by the string arrangements as I was, but that surely isn’t the only thing to like here.

Tracks are almost all on the longer side, meaning you aren’t left wanting for more. Instead, you’ll feel satisfied and ready to hear that next song. As one tumbles into another, you’ll easily take the journey through this CD, enjoying every moment of what Mithril is offering you.

Personal favorites here include “Captain O’Kane”, which had an almost wistful sound to it, “The Rocking Chairs”, which nails the Celtic music vibe with its pep and “Ashokan Farewell”, which is simply fascinating.

The CD has a lot of layers to it, meaning you can listen again and again and still hear something new. This is music for your collection–not just a passing fancy.

Artist: Mithril
Tangled Up

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