Review: “That Night in the Garden” by Emerald Rose

Artist: Emerald Rose
Album: “That Night in the Garden”

Emerald Rose has been making music in the Celtic vein since late 1996 and, in the intervening years, have managed to put out seven CDs geared towards lovers of Celtic-inspired music. Their latest, “That Night in the Garden”, is a CD that was recorded at  a series of concerts in Georgia and, according to the write up on their website, “captures the essence of the band’s live shows.”

Having never been fortunate enough to catch one of their live shows, I can’t really comment on that but what I can say is that this is one of the nicest-sounding live CDs I have ever had the opportunity of listening to. Absent are the muddy tones and inferior mixes that  usually accompany live recordings. The vocals here sound as clear as the instruments and the songs that Emerald Rose delivers practically sparkle as they come out of the speakers.

And what incredible songs they are, at that. For long time fans of the band there are live versions of their original songs, tunes like “Four Jacks” and “Come to the Dance”, mixed liberally with their versions of some traditional songs, like “Red Haired Mary” and “Wild Mountain Thyme”. There are tunes to get your feet stomping  and songs to send chills up your spine (chiefest among them “Twilight Falls”).

Even if you own all of Emerald Rose’s other CDs, I would encourage you to own this one… and not just because there are a couple of brand new songs here, either. The best reason to own this CD is that is like a concert in a box. You won’t be sorry that you did.

Floyd Brigdon is an English instructor at a community college right outside of  Dallas, Texas. In addition to writing reviews for Marc Gunn’s Celtic MP3s Music Magazine , he also writes book reviews for She Never Slept (a website devoted to science fiction, strange tales and horror) and plays with his band Triskelion at every possible.


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  1. Dear Mr. Brigdon, on behalf of Emerald Rose and myself, I would like to thank you for the kind words you wrote in your thoughtful review. We are delighted you enjoyed the collection of songs we put together. We put special effort into the recording process, setting up discreet channels for each instrument and vocal, so it was especially gratifying that you appreciated the sound. The cd was mixed here in our home studio, and mastered by Discmakers. We wish you great good fortune.
    Brian Sullivan / Emerald Rose