Review: “The Ballads Of Archie Thompson” by George Murphy & The Black Donnellys

This amazing collection of songs is sure to please any lover of Celtic folk style music. George Murphy & The Black Donnellys do a fine job of connecting with the listener through a combination of sheer musical skill and carefully crafted arrangements. I really felt transported–as if I was sitting with my old relatives, listening to them sing me tales of their lives and adventures. The album has that sort of feel to it…like you are having something shared with you. It’s lovely.

Favorites here include “The Auld Triangle” and “The Lifeboat Mona”. The style here is simple, which is actually a plus. You are left to listen and enjoy, without having to navigate your way through a complex maze of sound. Simple, however, does not mean boring, as the vocals and instrumentation more than carry their weight here. It’s just that sometimes a group recognizes that they don’t have to dazzle to be brilliant.

This nicely done collection of songs is a pleasure. The last track is live, and you’ll see that the band is just as good without all the perks that come with recording in a studio. These days it is rare to hear–and appreciated when you do experience it. Pull up a chair, kick back and enjoy. It feels like this album was created with just that in mind.

Artist: George Murphy & The Black Donnellys
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