Review: “The Journey That Lies Before” by Brothers 3

With the jazzy ‘Toss de Feddahs’, this album starts with a bang, and it’s clear you’re in for a swinging ride right off the bat. While it then moves into more traditional and slightly more solemn territory with ‘Erin’s Lovely Lee’, the rhythms are still decidedly catchy, giving this melancholy song a positive edge, without mutilating or disrespecting it in any way.

The clever way in which this album mixes vocal and instrumental songs gives it a nice flow. The songs with lyrics are beautiful renditions of Celtic classics in that particular Brothers 3 style I described in the paragraph above, a style which the instrumental tracks also use. The songs on offer here go beyond ‘just’ being Celtic – some are jazzy, others evoke a tropical paradise, and some, like ‘Flurry Reel’ and ‘Bonnie Suzie Clelland’, are very relaxing.

All in all, there’s something in this musical journey for everyone. You could pick and choose the tracks you like and mix and match, but the album is very well suited for listening to from start to finish. Just like on an actual journey, you’ll experience a wide variety of cultures, and you’ll be having fun all the way to the end with ‘Da Shetlands’.

Artist: Brothers 3
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