Review: “Wolves In The Walls” by Ockham’s Razor

Artist: Ockham’s Razor
Album: Wolves In The Walls

This Seattle-based Celtic band continues to blow me away with its talent. They really are something, and if you haven’t heard them, there is no time like the present to introduce yourself to one of the most talented groups out there these days.

Very hard to pin down into just one particular style, there are a host of musical influences going on here–but they are simmered together for a great blend, rather than added willy-nilly in some attempt to be cool or different. This works. Punk, gypsy, rock, bluegrass and more mix with Celtic underpinnings to delight and amaze the listener.

Favorite tracks here include “Cold Whiskey Jane”, “Musetta’s Waltz” and “Bad Habits”, but there’s plenty to like throughout. (Note: “Bad Habits” is explicit.) I love the way this band can bounce around drawing from different musical styles without losing their own sound. They have a style that serves as a sort of “backbone” for the group, and then anything they add on is simply a new flavor or spice–not a whole new dish.

Ockham’s Razor is one of those bands that is popular for a reason. They have a broad appeal and a super energy. Any time I see one of their CDs on my review lineup, I know that I won’t be disappointed. Chances are good that if you like one of the albums, you’ll enjoy them all.

I know that I do.

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