Review: “Wind Drift” by Maggie Sansone

Maggie Sansone’s Wind Drift is an eclectic mix of both Celtic and world melodies that makes for a very enjoyable listening experience. Sansone is an accomplished  hammered dulcimer player with more than a dozen CDs to her credit and on  Wind Drift she is joined by other familiar Celtic artists Al Petteway, Robin Bullock, Bobby Read and Matthew Bell. Their contributions are subtle, for the most part, but add depth and character to the music.

Wind Drift appeals to varying but complimentary musical tastes. Some of the arrangements (like “North Sea Crossing” and the “Lilting Banshee set”) appeal to lovers of traditional Celtic tunes while others (like “Evening Chai”) have more of a sharp Middle Eastern influence. Sansone includes three original tunes on this CD, all of which seem to be spun from the cloth of these varying traditions.  “Blue Motteto”, especially, seems to be drawn from both worlds.

Though I usually think of the hammered dulcimer as an instrument for accompaniment , I thoroughly enjoyed listening  Maggie Sansone’s playing on Wind Drift. Her technique and arrangements run the range from invigorating to relaxing and the overall effect  is one that calls for multiple listenings to appreciate the complexity of this CD.

Artist:  Maggie Sansone
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