A Celtic Christmas Tops the Charts Online

A Celtic Christmas

On Saturday, I held a big Top the Charts event. The goal was to push our newest compilation CD–A Celtic Christmas–to the top of the charts on iTunes and Amazon. A #1 hit on the holiday charts would mean countless more sales in the month to come and be a huge success for indie Celtic music.

Thirty-four people email me receipts saying that they bought the album. Most of the emails came from iTunes users. Eleven people clicked through my link. I also noticed there were at least 25 people who followed my Amazon link to buy the album. I will email everyone who sent me receipts tomorrow with your bonus album/ If you were part of this promotion, thank you for all your help.

That's not nearly enough to get a #1 hit on the holiday charts.  So let's take a look to see the final results.

A Celtic Christmas on Amazon Results

A Celtic Christmas on Amazon

I think I took a screenshot of Amazon around the end of the day on Sunday, the 17th, a day after the top the charts event. Note that the album hit #1 for Traditional British & Celtic Folk and #1 for Traditional Folk. I also glanced at the Folk category. I don't remember how well it did, but it was in the top 10.

The Holiday category is one of the toughest to bust into, especially at this time of year. Note that it hit #50 on those charts a day after the event. It was also #840 of all MP3 Albums.

That's cool and all, but what was even better is how it fares when you search for “Celtic Christmas”.

On Sunday, it was the #21 most-popular Celtic Christmas album. Today, it is the #11 album, behind THREE Celtic Woman albums, THREE Windham Hill Celtic Christmas compilations, and then several albums that are just shameless marketing albums that capitalize on the “Celtic Christmas” terms and are more Christmas than Celtic. The #1 and #2 albums are selling for 69 cents and $5.99.

All in all, I think we did pretty fantastic! We're still topping the charts several days after the big event!

A Celtic Christmas on iTunes Results

A Celtic Christmas on iTunes

Apparently, I forgot to take screenshots of A Celtic Christmas on iTunes. I only found one that showed anything. I think the shot was taken on Sunday night as well. The album climbed into the top 200 Holiday albums, but it wasn't there for long. It did however climb to #2 when you searched for “A Celtic Christmas” and last night it even hit #11 for “Celtic Christmas”.


Lots of Great Celtic Christmas Reviews

One of the high points of this Top the Charts events was the number or reviews that popped up on both iTunes and Amazon. As of writing this, there are fifteen glowing ratings and reviews on Amazon and twelve on iTunes.

Here are some from Amazon:

  • “I've listened to a lot of Christmas music over the years and this is one of my favorite albums now.”
    Alan Buring
  • “A great album with a good mixture of songs and artists.”
    I. Montgomery
  • “A must have for your Christmas music library.”

iTunes also has a bunch of great ratings and reviews, and in both cases the album seems to be well-received.


Final Results

This Top the Charts Event was a big success!

The album raised over $6,000 through our September Kickstarter, so I didn't expect a ton of people to buy it since many of my podcast and personal fans already own it. We didn't get a hundred buyers like I hoped, but it was still a fantastic number to help me kick off promotion of A Celtic Christmas on two of the main Celtic Christmas sales websites online.

With any luck, the album will gain greater traction in the weeks to come along with more sales from other Celtic music fans.

All in all, I consider this A BIG WIN for indie Celtic music!

I want to thank each and everyone of you who helped make this promotion a smashing success.

Slainte and Merry Christmas!

PS. OH! If you haven't already purchased a copy of A Celtic Christmas on Amazon or iTunes. Order it today!

PPS. Want a bonus album of music by bands on the compilation? Send me your receipt to music@celticmusicpodast.com. In the subject put “I Bought A Celtic Christmas on iTunes (or Amazon). I'll send you some free MP3s from these bands.

PPPS. If you want to hear the bands, I plan to start releasing new episodes of the Celtic Christmas Podcast. You will be able to hear all the tracks on the album very soon.

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