The Celtic MP3s Music Magazine is a free monthly Celtic music magazine that offers free music downloads of Celtic, Scottish, Irish music from around the world. Here, you will find free music downloads from the best independent Celtic artists on the planet!

Frequently Asked Questions

The Celtic MP3s Music Magazine began as a newsletter linked mainly to the late-great MP3.com. It was a way to promote my band's (the Brobdingnagian Bards) unique brand of Celtic folk music. Then, something amazing happened. I heard some of the best Celtic music I'd ever heard. And it was unaffiliated with any record label. From that point on I decided to help these great Celtic music groups find an audience.

Since then, I have featured CDs and MP3s from bands like Enya, Black 47, Natalie MacMaster, Silly Wizard, The Chieftains, Brobdingnagian Bards, Altan, Loreena McKennit, Clannad, The Dubliners, Lunasa, The Corries, Solas, U2, Planxty, The Clancy Brothers, Afro Celt Sound System, Capercaillie, Ewan MacColl, The Corrs, Irish Rovers, Seven Nations, Tannahill Weavers, and many more.

But the vast majority of what you download is Independent Celtic music from traditional Irish music and tunes, Scottish folk songs, Celtic rock, and a tiny bit of Celtic New Age music. However, the ezine leans more towards the traditional Scottish/Irish folk music that I love.

What is Celtic music?

There's no short answer to what “Celtic music” is. It encompasses Irish music, Scottish music, fiddle music, bagpipe music, and lots more. So read instead how Celtic music is defined in the context of the Celtic MP3s Music Magazine.

Can you please help me find…?

I get dozens of requests every day from people looking for free Celtic music downloads. But sadly, I just don't have the time to help everyone. My suggestion is sign up to my magazine. And stay tuned. I'm currenlty working on an article called “How to Find Free Celtic Music on the Internet”, as well as some eBooks which will point you straight to the free downloads.

If you are really anxious to find some great Celtic music from a particular artist, go buy the CD.

Isn't it illegal to giveaway MP3s?

Celtic MP3s Music Magazine is dedicated to helping Celtic music gain popularity and to help Celtic musicians develop a solid online business structure. That's why I support free MP3s. In my opinion, free MP3s help encourage sampling of music so that you will ultimately purchase the CD. Every MP3 featured on Celtic MP3s Music Magazine is given away by artists themselves, usually from their chosen website. I will never knowingly feature any illegal MP3s in my newsletter or on my website. I strongly encourage anyone interested in a particular artist to buy CDs from that Celtic artist.

What are the Top Celtic MP3 Music Downloads?

The Top Celtic MP3 Music Downloads is a list of the most-searched for Celtic bands online. The Celtic Music News website offers the complete Top 40 chart of Celtic Music searches.

What's with the Celtic Music Compilation CDs?

The goal of this magazine is to connect independent Celtic musicians with Celtic music fans. To that end, I create Celtic music compilation CDs featuring some of the hottest new Celtic acts. These CDs are completely non-profit. 100% of all profits generated by these CDs go to different non-profit organizations the majority of which promote or support Celtic cultures. Past organizations benefiting from these profits include: Austin Celtic Association, Celtic Cultural Center of Texas, Texas Scottish Festival, Arkansas Celtic Music Society, Austin Browncoats, Celtic Heritage Festival, KOOP Radio, and KUT Radio.  Each CD is themed to promote a different aspects of Celtic music. Bands can submit music for a future compilation CD through our submission form.

What kind of music does Celtic MP3s Music Magazine feature?

Well, you will note in that the title of my magazine is Celtic MP3s Music Magazine. I got started playing Celtic music through the “Celtic song” tradition. I am also a singer and songwriter, I decided to focus the newsletter on Celtic Folk songs. But if you've ever read an issue, you know that this is not exclusive. I feature all sorts of Celtic music from Celtic tunes to Celtic folk songs, Celtic Rock to Celtic New Age. There are several things I look for and prefer when I feature a Celtic piece:

  1. Does it contain acoustic instruments?I prefer acoustic instruments, or at least acoustic-sounding instruments. It may have heavy production value, like incredible reverb, but in general, I don't prefer synthesizer-based Celtic New Age. I'll listen, but considering the majority of my audience is interested in traditional Celtic music, I rarely feature synthesizer music.
  2. How good is the recording quality good? I like to provide professional sounding recordings for my readers. I want to showcase artists at their best. Therefore, I look for great MP3s.
  3. Does the artist have a CD?I'm a big fan of MP3s, but in no way do I see them as a replacement for CDs. The reason is that artists put their life and soul into recording albums. It costs a lot of time and energy. They deserve to be compensated for the work. So I strongly encourage you to purchase CDs from artists you enjoy. By doing so, you will show support for musical artists the way artists need it the most…financially.
  4. Does it sound vaguely traditional?Okay, this is highly subjective. But that's the way it is. Very rarely will I feature an artist that doesn't have some resemblance to traditional “celtic music”. My order of preference: Celtic folk songs, tunes, Celtic rock, and last, Celtic New Age.

Does that help? Probably not. As I've said, “celtic music” is highly subjective. My suggestion is to read a few issues. Then decide for yourself, if you like my definition and choices of free Celtic MP3s.

In the meantime, here's some statistics to consider as far as what I'm likely to feature:

1:1 Celtic Songs

1:4 Celtic Tunes

1:6 Celtic Rock

1:10 Celtic New Age