Auld Lang Syne



 I thought this picture was comforting and reflective of the year as some of my clan were very much into a certain steam engine and his friends.  I have realized that as 2013 is literally winding down and about to become filed as a memory, it has indeed been a year of good memories. 

The Celtic Invasion Vacations went to Scotland and dug deep into the Scottish culture and music.  Much of that music and culture was passed on through the Podcasts and Celtic Music Magazine.

Our ratings were good all year for the various compilations  Marc put together for us.  We topped the charts, more than once.  He does have a natural gift for good music selection. 

Celtic Music Magazine  is looking forward to the upcoming year with anticipation of Burns Night, (January 25),  St Dvid's Day,( March 1st), featuring Welsh music and culture.   Then there is St Patrick's Day, (not to be missed or forgotten). April 6th brings Tartan Day. May gives us an opportunity with Celtic Invasion Vacations to go to Wales, (be sure to mark your calendar). Of course there shall be many many hours of good listening from our independent Celtic musicians.  We shall feature many unique Celtic cultures and  music for your pleasure.

Summer gives us many festivals, faires and opportunities to congregate, all over the globe. 

We're growing strong and we are very appreciative of our viewers and listeners.

Come with us as we venture into the new year!

“And there’s a hand my trusty friend !
And give me a hand o’ thine !
And we’ll take a right good-will draught,
for auld lang syne”  ……………………………     Robert Burns

Celtic Music Magzine is changing the way you hear Celtic music.”

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In addition to writing for Marc Gunn’s Celtic Music Magazine, Mattie is a songwriter, and musician. Mattie is learning to play the Irish folk harp, "It has been proven in Neuroscience that music lights up every area of the brain therefore music enlightens us". Mattie

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