About Carolan Ivey

Legend has it that Carolan Ivey, a North Carolina native, sang before she talked. In addition to a lifetime performing in a wide variety of musical genres, she is a journeywoman writer of technical manuals, marketing copy, web content, reviews and critiques, and award-winning fiction. Visit her web site at www.carolanivey.com.

Review: “Hicks the Pirate” by Jolly Rogues

Hoist the Jolly Roger an’ lift yer mug of grog! If The Jolly Rogues’ 2004 release, Captain Billy’s Privateers, left you thirsty for more, hop aboard for another rollicking voyage on the good ship Hicks The Pirate. A consortium of … Continue reading

Review: “Stories For Sale” by Christie Hennessy

It’s amazing how many musicians have touched my life unaware. One of the first cassette tapes of contemporary Celtic music I ever purchased (I’m dating myself!) was Frances Black’s Talk to Me, which contained the haunting and beautiful “All The … Continue reading