Review: “Later” by Slán

I keep being surprised that I like pleasant music. Overall. my tastes runs towards people with truth and grit in their voice like Tom Waits, Johnny Cash, and Rich Mullins, rather than lilting voices that smack of cheesy PBS specials.  But … Continue reading

Review: “The Bare Cove Demos” by Jillie Mae Eddy

One of the most fascinating things about Celtic music is that it seems to filter easily down through other folk traditions such as bluegrass, sea shanties, or just general folk music. Jillie Mae Eddy has taken inspiration in the sounds … Continue reading

Review: “The Ferryman” by The Hooligans

The Ferryman is the fourth studio album by the Philadelphia based celtic rock band. This album leans more towards the folk side than rock ‘n roll with songs like The Lakes Of Ponchartrain, Dominick Street and a dance worthy version of A Wife In Every Port. There’s … Continue reading

Son of Rogues Gallery: Pirate Ballads, Sea Songs & Chanteys by Various Artists

I’ve got something to say before the rest of the review. Johnny Depp, Gore Verbinsky, between the movie Rango and producing this with Hal Wilner, I am preemptively going to forgive you for The Lone Ranger.  Okay, we’re back with … Continue reading

St Paddy’s: St. Patty’s Day: A Brief Guide to A Classy, Sans Plastic Day

So it’s coming up St. Patrick’s day once more, and I’m sure the question on everybody’s  mind is, “I don’t want actual Irish people to mock me, so how do I celebrate with this day without plastic stuff. Also I … Continue reading