About Mattie Dalton

In addition to writing for Marc Gunn’s Celtic Music Magazine, Mattie is a songwriter, and musician. Mattie is learning to play the Irish folk harp, "It has been proven in Neuroscience that music lights up every area of the brain therefore music enlightens us". Mattie

Review: “BOLD” by Nua

   “Bold” is not your Father’s traditional Celtic music, and Nua is not your ordinary modern-day Celtic music band.  Nua has been very “Bold” in producing a CD that infuses alternative rock, jazz and traditional Celtic music, which guides us through a whole new dimension of Celtic music. Nua’s … Continue reading

Tartan Day

National Tartan Day, New York City  2013 National Tartan Day The Scottish Declaration of Independence was signed on April 6, 1320. The American Declaration of Independence was, in fact, modelled on this particular document. Almost half of the signers of … Continue reading