Review: “Bofiguifluki” by Poitin

Celtic Radio named this CD as “Album of the Year” in 2010 and it's easy to see why once you give it a listen. The album stomps right out of the gate with the first track, Emily, and the ride from there includes many great tracks such as “Four Drunken Maidens”, “Blue Chinese Lantern” and “Next Market Day”. With 15 songs in all, this traditional Celtic music collection is a pleasure to listen to.

I was curious about the name of the CD and after a little digging, found out that the band took letters from some of the instruments they use, such as the guitar, bouzouki and the flute. It's a “made up” word, but it also represents the creativity that this band displays so easily.

It's tough to take traditional music and make it your own, but Poitin has never seemed to have a problem doing that–and they don't here either. As always, seamless musicianship and a real sense that these are master craftsmen is woven throughout, setting the stage for an album that truly is an excellent compilation of music.

From gentle renditions such as “Billy Boy” to rousing tracks like “Nancy Whiskey” there is also a good range of songs here, highlighting the talents of the band and giving it true listener appeal. Overall the CD has an upbeat feel to it, and like other Poitin albums, a sense of innovation despite having solid roots in traditional music. They've always been an interesting group, and this CD is no exception.

Artist: Poitin
Album: Bofiguifluki

Hometown: Czech Republic
Similar Artists: Chieftains, Solas, Gaelic Storm

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