CD Review: Fiddlinda: There & Then- Here & Now

Fiddlinda's first CD “There & Then- Here & Now” was introduced this past Spring at the North Texas Irish Festival, and is 15 tracks of fun, feel good music featuring a mix of fiddles, banjos, mandolins and guitars that celebrates the musical fusion of Celtic Folk and Classic Americana.

Fiddlida CDThe CD starts off with “Tony's Celebration” a classic style Irish Jig that is almost impossible to sit and listen to without AT LEAST a little toe tapping.

Intervention No. 8 (Which is ironically Track #7 on the CD) is a short track (Only 62 seconds) but is a nice classic Victorian era interlude which is a nice short breather from the mainly high paced album, but is still enjoyable to listen to.

On a personal note, a few years back, I've done some Civil War re-encacting with my friends at the 49th Virginia Infantry and this CD brings back a lot of fond memories of Civil War Balls and Galas I've attended in the past. Always a good time.

“Big Sandy” is another personal favorite. Featuring the fiddle, mandolin and guitar, it's one of the most upbeat and jigable (If that's even a word. If it isn't, it is now!!!!) tracks on the ablum, and while modern, it still brings a classical European flavor.

Honestly, there is not a bad track on this ablum. It is an EXTREMELY enjoyable listen, and really love to see more from her in the future!!


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