CD Review: Tallymoore

TallymoreTallymoore is a Celtic Folk group based out of the Milwaukee, WI area. When I first heard them on the Irish and Celtic Music Podcast I instantly became a fan! When I had a chance to review their first Self-Titled album, I immediately jumped on the chance.


Needless to say, I was not let down.


Tallymore CDThe 12 track album starts with “South Australia” which has been covered by many various groups (Fisherman's Friends also does an outstanding version as well) and Tallymoore does it in a fun, fast upbeat way…..Besides, and song that begins with the sound of the Didgeridoo is a total win in my book!

One of my all time favorite songs, and really the reason I got into Tallymoore is “Caledonia.” I really don't think I've heard a bad version of it, and these guys do an amazing version…not to slow, not too fast, and while the harmonies blend really well together, they are still able to add their own little twist on a classic favorite.

This album also provides many other classic sing along favorites such as “Fields of Athenry” and “Isn't it Grand”

“Wild Mountain Time (Go Lassie Go)” has always been a hot or miss song for me. I've heard some really good versions of it, and some not as good. I can honestly say that this is probably my favorite version of this song. I love when groups put their own twists on popular favorites, but still able to keep true to the roots of the song, and the band itself. This song (And the entire album) is a prime example of guys doing it right.

After a solid version of “Leaving of Liverpool,” the album ends with a soulful, A Capella version of “The Parting Glass” which is always a song filled with raw emotion. Tallymore once again hits it out of the ballpark.

This is a really great album that must be checked out by anyone and everyone who reads this……Go out and get in HERE!!!



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