CD Review: The Selkie Girls “Long Time Traveling”

Now, while I will admit that I usually lean towards Pub-Style sing a long music, I do enjoy traditional, yet modern Celtic Folk. The Selkie Girls (Based out of Coppell, TX) and their current album “Long Time Traveling” is a wonderful and beautiful display of traditional harps, fiddles, drums and tin whistles, but with a modern kick. The beautiful voices and harmonies of Alli Johnson and Jaycie Skidmore are prominently featured on most of the tracks such as “Gaelic Song” kicking off the album and “Red Haired Mary” which is my personal favorite off the album.



The Selkie Girls


While the vocals are the main focus of the album, let's not overlook the talented musicians on the album: Mark Menikos, Dave Ervin and Joel Black (Who both provide vocals on numerous tracks including everybody's favorite “Galway Girl”) Martin McCall and Linda Mudd on the Harp. Each one provides his/her own special talent to the mix, and together provide a wonder sound of clean,┬átraditional Celtic Roots music, but just enough of a modern upbeat kick on certain tracks (Such as “Red Haired Mary” and “Toss the Feathers,” a highly entertaing instrumental track) to keep the listener on their toes awaiting the next track.

Imagine waking up in the morning and while the coffee is brewing and bacon is sizzling, you step outside to get the newspaper. That first refreshing whiff of fresh air that wakes you up refreshed you…….This is what this album is….Fresh air, bacon and coffee…..Now how can that be a bad thing!!!!


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