Celtic Love: Jewelry Edition

I'm going to preface this by saying, I'm single. I'm happily single, and enjoy the life of a carefree bachelor. I'm not adverse to being in a relationship, but I'm just not listening to songs about loneliness or writing poetry or anything like that. The only time of the year that I really, really wish that I wasn't so singular is Valentine's Day.

Not out of any longing for companionship, but more mercenary reasons. Because I want all the stuff from jewelry to the Unicorn Bouquet, but as a single person I really can't afford to drop fifty bucks on something I only want. As an aside to any perspective mate, this would not be a unicorn one way street. If you wanted a tiny herd for yourself, well, I will gladly budget for you.

Thank the Almighty that you are out of stock tiny unicorns!  The temptation for me was nearly too much.

Thank the Almighty that you are out of stock tiny unicorns! The temptation for me was nearly too much.

Since as far as I know, Celtic crafters rarely make awesome unicorn stuff, I'll have to focus on jewelry. Apparently it’s freaking hard to buy for jewelry for ladies since style is a deeply personal thing. So a fair warning; this is stuff I like. If your lady-friend likes Pandora type charms, or torcs (I'm sorry they are just ugly), well I can’t help you. That disclaimer done, I present just in time for Valentine's a list of great jewelry from Celtic and Celtic-ish crafters.

Dreampunk Amethyst Bird Earrings by Amelia's Heirlooms


Price: $15.00

Look, we all know I'm going to self promote, so let's just get this out of the way first. Me and my sister make jewelry, such as these fine earrings. For inspiration we draw on everything from the medieval to art deco. We are awesome. And if you don't buy from us, then how will I ever afford a TARDIS bathrobe or (more practically) pants? Thinkgeek doesn't take jewelry as payment, believe me I've tried. And you don’t want me running around with no pants, so help a gal afford pants.

Copper Heart Brooch by Gypsy Moon Art


Price: $24.00

You'll see that I'm a sucker for wire art. Do I ever wear pins? No. Do I need a swirly copper pin in the shape a heart? No. Do I want this.Yes.

Love (Gra) Pewter Ogham Pendant by OghamArt


Price: $25.00

This heart shaped pendant hits me as being very, very cool because I am a nerd, and cool has a different meaning to me than the rest of the world.

Valentine's Day Red Celtic Necklace By Celtic Bubble Wands

Price: $25.00

Price: $25.00

It's a very classic style of necklace. You can't go to wrong with it, and she custom makes it. Nice.

Horseshoe Nail Spiral Pendant by PondMtnForge


Price $25.00

Look! I found something that a guy can wear without upsetting notions of traditional masculinity. I'm pretty surprised to find such a thing, because (and I speak from experience here) creating creative and manly jewelry is HARD.

My Celtic Valentine 2 in 1 Ear Cuff by Thyme2dream

Price $16.00

Price $16.00

I know, I've listed her stuff before, but she keeps making nice things. I like this piece because it looks like you are wearing red hots candy.

Small Floating Heart Claddagh Pendant by Jewelry by James


Price $44.06

I don't normally like the claddagh, but these are nice. It's sterling silver, so that's even nicer.

Celtic Heart and Swirls by Nicholas and Felice


Price: $45.00

Inspired by The Book of Kells, this is made with sterling using the lost wax process. Anyone who does that has my immediate respect. It's long and complicated and I got bored reading the Wikipedia page on it.

Adjustable Silver Braided Ring by mlwdesigns

Price: $17.00

Price: $17.00

Lovely. Simple but tasteful. And, most importantly for those who aren't looking to accidentally propose to folks, it really can’t be mistaken for an engagement ring.

Sweetheart's Blush by Kate's Renaissance



Oh Lordy, can you get much cuter than this? I doubt it. It looks to be really high quality materials going into this, so you are getting some really nice stuff for the price. Shiny.


Rose Quartz Necklace with Pewter Celtic Heart Pendant by Rebecca James Jewelry

Price: $30.00

Price: $30.00

Despite not looking very good in pastels, or being particularly girly, I am a total sucker for rose quartz. People who are into crystals, will probably tell you it's good for love and thus very appropriate for a holiday of love. I will sneer at that, and inform you that it's one of the most common minerals on earth and has rather many interesting qualities. It's a rather nice mineral, though. If there is an uptick in loving type stuff, there is more likely a direct correlation to the fact you gave your gal a necklace rather than inherit mystical properties.

Viking knit garnet and silver bracelet by Katerinas Jewelry

Price: $28.99

Price: $28.99

While the materials aren't particularly valuable the workmanships is impressive. I look at that go, “I really don't have the patience for that.”

Rainbow Moonstone Necklace “Aphrodite” by Circes House


Price: $34.50

I am also a total sucker for moonstone. I have been ever since I was a kid and read Nancy Drew book “The Moonstone Castle Mystery” and because this was the 90s and there was no google, I looked Moonstone up in World Book Encyclopedia. The picture was pretty, but nothing compared to it in real life. Look at this! Dazzling!

Celtic Heart Pendant by Colleen Harmon Design

Price: $20.00

One more because fifteen is really enough, I don't see many ceramics about in craft shows or online, so for me this is kind of a rare bird.


Gail Rybak is an occasional writer, artist, photographer, Avon Lady, and she helps run Amelia’s Heirlooms. She is also a full-time geek and cat owner, and enjoys writing for Celtic Music Magazine. She will hopefully (assuming she can remember her password) be writing on her personal blog Machinations of a Robothobbit.  Fame and fortune has eluded her so far, but she has many fine hats.



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