Celtic Music Charts

If you're looking for the hottest Celtic MP3s, you should start with the most-popular. That means you need to determine what's most-popular. Enter the Celtic MP3 Music Charts.

Celtic MP3s Music Magazine Charts

CDBaby Top 40 Celtic CD Charts
The Top 40 most-popular CDs purchased through the Celtic MP3s Music Magazine by Celtic artists.

Top 40 Most Searched Celtic Music Groups
The Celtic MP3s Music Magazine gets hundreds of people searching for their favorite Celtic music groups every day. This is a list of the top most-searched for Celtic music groups that people search for.

Top-Selling Celtic Music CD Charts
A list of all CD charts that feature Celtic music on Amazon.com. The first section is filled with independent Celtic music. The second list is almost exclusively composed of signed Celtic music groups.

CDBaby Celtic CD Charts

SoundClick Celtic Music MP3 Charts

Many of the tracks listed at SoundClick are not traditional Celtic music, but there's still a decent selection. It's quickly becoming one of the most-prominent places to host Celtic music. Only one song per band appears on the charts. So make sure you rate the songs that you like.

Amazon Celtic Music MP3 Charts

Amazon.com has a really nice list of Celtic music distributed among a variety of different charts. There's also a better ratio of traditional Celtic music listed. Unfortunately, you'll also find a bunch fo Celtic music clips instead of full-songs.

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