Interview Scheduled with Jesse Ferguson, the Bard of Cornwall for this Wednesday

Jesse Ferguson - The Butcher Boy

Jesse Ferguson is a folk musician from Cornwall, Ontario, Canada. He strives to connect with the past through traditional songs while making them relevant to today’s listeners. He sings and plays several musical instruments including: guitar, mandolin, harmonica, and bodhran. He also posts videos of traditional and original music on YouTube.

In my continuing effort to create a really awesome Celtic Music Spotlight series, I decided to try offering interviews over Google Hangouts with some Celtic musicians. Jesse is one of the biggest indie Celtic musicians in the world on YouTube with some of his videos getting tens of thousands of views.

I'm gonna talk to Jesse about his music, his success on YouTube his latest album, and lots more. It'll all be this Wednesday morning at 8:30 AM Central Standard Time. You can watch the show live on my YouTube channel. I'll share a link when it goes live.

Find out more about Jesse Ferguson here or check out Jesse's YouTube channel.

See some reviews of Jesse Ferguson's music here and hear some of his music on the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast.

If you have any questions that you would like me to ask on the show, respond in the comments below.

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