Thank you for your interest in contacting the Celtic Music Magazine. The zine is now entirely a subset of the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast.

We have discontinued album reviews as part of the magazine, but we have numerous other opportunities to get your band featured. If you are a musician or in a band, you can submit your music to be featured there. Please read all of the instructions and complete the form to be featured.

How to Contact the Podcast

The show is an overwhelming success. So much so, I have trouble keeping up with all the emails. But I REALLY WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU. So I migrated all of the conversations about the show to our facebook page.

Post On Facebook
If you have a question, a comment, have a band suggestion, or just want to share your passion for Celtic music please, please post on the podcast facebook wall or message me there.

Post in the Shownotes
If you have a comment about our latest show, you can also post in our shownotes. I try and respond to every comment there. Come chat with me there.

Call Our Voicemail

Want to share your thoughts ON the show? We have a voicemail number. Try to keep your call about a minute long, but don’t sweat it. Just share your thoughts, comments, and questions. But please forgive me if you don’t make it on to the show. Instead, post on facebook too if you really want an answer.

Call 678-CELT-POD.
That’s 678-235-8763

Frequently Asked Questions and Comments

You should play…

I need permission from every artist that I play on the podcast. If there’s an artist you love who hasn’t appeared on the podcast before, please email them and ask them to submit their music to the show.

How do artists submit to the podcast?

If you are in a band or know a band that you want to hear on this podcast, please tell them to go to