Deck the Halls! Celtic Christmas Music for This Holiday Season

celtic christmas

Thanksgiving is over.  The season is officially begun.  It's time to do what I've done–put some Celtic Christmas music on your iPod.  Listen and celebrate the season with some great music. If you're not sure where to start, I suggest the Celtic Christmas Podcast.

I started the Celtic Christmas Podcast several years to bring Christmas music to Celtic music fans.  But I only came up with the idea.  What makes the podcast so incredible is the Celtic podcast community that got behind it.  You will find 25 shows from the following podcasts:

It's a brand new year.  I'm sending out requests today to all the great Celtic podcasts online to send me their shows when they finish them.  So look for more great Celtic Christmas music this holiday season.

Cats. Kilts. Science Fiction. Irish drinking songs. Nowhere else but from the bizarre imagination of Marc Gunn would those four elements be so riotously integrated. He is the Chief Editor of the Celtic Music Magazine and host of the award-winning Irish & Celtic Music Podcast.

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