Review: The Modest Revolution by Enter The Haggis

The Modest Revloution

Enter The Haggis are a Celtic Rock band from Toronto, Canada. The group, known for their eclectic and energetic sound, have been around since 1996 and show no signs of slowing down. ‘The Modest Revolution’ is their latest studio release. It is also worth noting that the record was financed by crowdfunding, allowing the band to have control of the production and release of the album, and for fans to directly support the band without going through a label.

The album opens with the song ‘The Year of the Rat.’ I much appreciate the use of Uilleann Pipes on the song, but feel like the track cuts itself short at the end. The second track on the album, ‘Can’t Trust the News,' with its strong beat, horns, and upbeat folk-rock feel has a sound that would fit well in a mix with Mumford and Sons. ‘Down the Line’ deftly combines a Country-Swing with heavy guitars and a fiery harmonica solo. The anthemic ‘Letters’ brings in soaring vocals and guitars, while ‘Pardon’ plays around with a Hendrix-esque riff and an interesting drum groove. I really like the Highland Bagpipes on ‘Hindsight,' but the track is a bit repetitive and never quite gives the payoff it seems to have been building up. ‘Copper Leaves’ is a nice break from the electric Rock sound that dominates most of the record. The album closes with the laid back ‘Up in Lights,’ which I imagine to be the perfect lighter waving song at an ETH concert.

The band does a fine job of fusing harder Rock with the Celtic sound, and does so without falling into the rut of simply playing Bagpipes over distorted power chords. They allow the heavy elements of their sound to flow without becoming overpowering, weaving folk into their predominantly Rock styling in a way that is both interesting and accessible, and doesn't feel contrived or forced. A very good album from a fantastic group.

Artist: Enter the Haggis

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