MP3: The Grey Funnel Line by Erin McNamee



Erin McNamee's voice is warm and exotic and captures the essence of weeping angels. Her Celtic folk music styling never fails to be intelligent and interesting. “One of the purest voices you'll hear in this city” -Seattle Weekly

Artist: Erin McNamee

Buy CD: Whores and Fishermen

Download MP3: The Grey Funnel Line

Website: Erin Mcnamee

Hometown: Sultan, Washington USA

Similar Artists: Niamh Parsons, Sinead O'Connor, Mary Black, Loreena McKennit, Neko Case, The Sundays, Tom Waits


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MP3: The Grey Funnel Line by Erin McNamee — 1 Comment

  1. Amazing….Your voice draws me to that place inside myself where I only seem to find when I am alone and in nature. Thank you for sharing your rare and special gift with the world. I was especially thrilled to see that you live in
    the area I call home too. I will look forward to enjoying your albums for years to come. Thank you, Cathy