Featured Video – Kilmaine Saints “Streams of Whiskey”

The Kilmaine Saints was started in 2009 by a few members of the Lochiel Emerald Society Pipes and Drums. At first, it was simply a means to have fun all year round playing pipes and getting free beer and pub food. However, what started off as a bit of a side project quickly took on a life of its own. This high energy band that takes its cues from their predecessors, Drop Kick Murphy, The Pogues and the like, found that they had something special.

So after filling out their roster with Brendan, Liz, and Barry, they are now taking the Celtic Festival scene by storm. They have released two CDs, the Good, the Plaid and the Ugly in 2010 and Drunken Redemption in 2012, filled with wonderful fist pounding music and they don’t seem to be slowing down at all. Therefore, I say, keep it coming! I can’t wait to see what this wonderful group comes up with next.

For now, enjoy this video of their performance of The Pogues song “Streams of Whiskey” from the Celtic Fling in Manheim, PA on Sunday, June 24th, 2012.

Artist: Kilmaine Saints

Buy Album: Drunken Redemption

Stephen Mc Sweeney is a high school English/Drama teacher. Besides writing for the Celtic MP3s Music Magazine, he enjoys acting, writing and playing Celtic music. He can be seen as one of the members of the band Terrible Musicians, where he plays percussion and mandolin.

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