Going Celtic For Christmas

The lovely thing about being Irish is that it's associated with so many cool things. I mean, we've got the four-leaf clover, awesome music, great sayings and a whole lot more…

There are so many fun ideas we can draw from our heritage in terms of gift giving. Here are some things to consider getting for others this holiday if they are Irish themselves:

  • Family crest / family name items. You can find many items that apply here–from keychains to stickers. They always make a good gift. My family crest has three wolves heads on it. Awesome.
  • Family history. If you know some good old stories or have some fantastic family photos, why not do a little keepsake for your family members. A little bit of photo editing and a digital printer can work magic, and you can record memories onto an MP3 player for posterity.

For those you know who are not necessarily Irish, but appreciate Irish culture:

  • CDs / MP3s of Irish music. There are plenty of ideas right here on this site!
  • Irish table wear. Beautiful coffee cups with shamrocks or linen tablecloths are lovely gifts this time of year.
  • Irish jewelry. My brother gave me a medallion from an Irish shop one year that was supposed to symbolize protection. It was so sweet! There are many items to choose from and many of them have a meaning as well. Great gift for the ladies!
  • A good bottle of Irish whiskey. Perfect for those that are hard to buy for.Enough said.
  • A framed Irish saying. There are so many Irish sayings to choose from that you can tailor your message right to the receiver of this gift. (Better still, it can be an inexpensive way to go if you are short on cash!) Choose a good saying, print it out on nice paper and put in a lovely frame for a gift that is sure to please. This is a great present to make with the kids too–they can help!

Do you have any fantastic gift ideas with an Irish flavor for the holiday? If so, please do share in the comments section below–and have a very merry season!

Catherine L. Tully specializes in writing about the arts, lifestyle and travel. She is the Owner of 4dancers, a blog for those who love dance, and Editor for Freelance-Zone, an award-winning site for freelance writers. Catherine also reviews music for Celtic MP3s Music Magazine.

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