MP3: “Eryri” by Gwilym Morus


Gwilym Morus started singing Welsh folk ballads as a child with his mother. As such he is influenced mainly by the folk ballad tradition of his native Wales. But as a student of Welsh literature, particularly medieval bardic literature, he also makes use of the strict meters that are a feature of classical Welsh bardic culture. His style could probably be called contemporary folk, with influences from other kinds of folk music including English, Irish and American.

Artist: Gwilym Morus

Buy CD: Awena

Download MP3: Eryri

Website: Gwilym Morus

Hometown: Machynlleth, Wales, UK

Similar Artists: Meic Stevens, Alan Stivell, Paul Dooley, Dick Gaughan,  Toumani Diabate, Paul Dooley , Meic Stevens

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