How to Get Your Free Celtic MP3s Through the Celtic MP3s Music Magazine

I had an email the other day from a guy asking how to download the free MP3s I offer in this magazine. It is excellent question that I thought I would address here.

You will note that this email newsletter does not offer direct links to any MP3s. To access those, you must visit the website, either subscribe to the feed or head down to “Celtic CD Reviews and MP3 Downloads” and click the link. The blog that you will find there offers a mix of Celtic CD reviews and MP3 downloads. Pretty simple. However, the posts have not always been.

To help you distinguish which is which, the reviews are all listed as “Review:” followed by the album and artist name.

So for example, the lastest review posted reads:

Review: “Don't Count Me Out” by Kevin Flynn & The Avondale Ramblers

Now the MP3s were not so clear in the past. So for now on, I'm doing the same to them so that the latest MP3 download now reads:

MP3: “The Wanderer” by Anois

Below the subject is a wee bit of information about the artist along with a bolded link to the artist website, CD from which the song comes, and the song title preceded by “Download MP3:”. Just right-click and save the MP3 to your hard drive and you are ready to go.

Now the goal of the magazine is to update you with the latest news and updates from the magazine, podcast, occasional Celtic music news, plus some of the stuff I am busy with at the moment.

I hope that helps you better access the great information at your fingertips, because we are changing the way you hear Celtic music.

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