“In My Life” by Kathy Barwick

Kathy Barwick is an accomplished musician that plays the guitar, banjo, bass, mandolin and dobro.  She has more than 30 years’ experience in playing folk, bluegrass, blues and Irish music in various bands and in a variety of studio settings.  Drawing on her extensive experience she has splendidly blended these music styles to create a fantastic first solo album, “In My Life.”

This collection of traditional tunes has a little bit of the Beatles thrown in just to keep you wondering what surprises the next song will bring.  With guest singers Mike Justis (On the Modoc Line) and Samantha Olson (My Native Land), Kathy adds even more dimension to her album.  Kathy blends the songs into unique arrangements that show off the simple beauty of each instrument, while at the same time enhancing the beauty of the other instruments.  Kathy Barwick has taken her vast knowledge in a wide array of genres to create an impressive debut album.

Artist: Kathy Barwick
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Hometown: Sacramento, California
Similar Artist: Sierra Hull, Dervish, Kierah, Natalie MacMaster

Alicia Coller is an avid listener of many types of music. She writes music reviews for Celtic Music Magazine, for The Celtic Radio Network and for her own personal blog.

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