Introducing #CelticThursday

I am placed to announce a new Celtic music promotion and hashtag–#CelticThursday.

If you're not familiar with hashtags, they are used by social media websites to share similar content throughout the sites. Whenever you write or share a post that is Celtic-related, you include the hashtag #CelticThursday. This makes it easy for anyone interested in Celtic music, dance and culture to come together and share on that theme.

For instance:

Halfway to St. Patrick's Day is rapidly approaching. Check out to find out the history of this new holiday. #CelticThursday

See how easy that its!

All you have to do is put #CelticThursday alongside any text you want to share and other Celtic music and culture fans can unite to learn more about our shared culture.


What Should I Share on #CelticThursday?

The ultimate goal here is to increase the interaction among Celtic music culture fans. So Share any and everything that you deem is Celtic.

Is there a cool Celtic website you found? Share it.

Did you find a great video? Share it.

Is there a cool Celtic or tune you ran across? Share it.

The goal is to be all inclusive. Anything that fits YOUR definition of Celtic, share it.

I'm sure at some point, there will be Celtic music fans who will say, Adrian Von… ain't Celtic? Or what is this Irish Punk stuff? Or an autoharp, WTF? It's true. We all have our opinions about what is Celtic and what's not. We all have our biases of what we like and what we don't.

#CelticThursday isn't about the minutia. It's about expanding the love and passion of Celtic music, dance and culture in all its forms. So share it!


Why Should I Bother With the #CelticThursday Hashtag?

Last week on The Celtic Geek podcast, I declared a state of Celtic Emergency. Over the past 6 or 7 years, the popularity of Celtic music has waned. Back in 2008, I was pulling in nearly 30,000 downloads of each episode of the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast within a month of its release. Now, I barely break 15,000. Our culture has stepped out of the limelight.

As an avid Celtic music promoter, my goal is to make Celtic music MORE popular. But I can't do it alone. Each and everyone of us must join together and push our culture to the forefront of the conversation online. Each and everyone of us should seek out new Celtic music or resources that will bring us closer to our heritage. It is the only way that our heritage will grow.

So think Irish. Or think Scottish, Welsh, Galician, Breton, Cornish, Manx, whatever. Share your heritage with others. And use the hashtag #CelticThursday.

One small step will make giant leap on our international heritage.

So do me, and yourself a favor, mark your calendar for next Thursday as the beginning of #CelticThursday. Then lets see if we can push our Celtic music to the top of the charts.


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  1. Marc:
    just music or amusing incidents I have seen? My granddaughter was in a competition where the really young ones(3-4) had a group also ( the type where they ALL get participant ribbons. most of the would have won on the AWWW!!! factor in their tiny kilts, mini sporran ,the complete outfit… The lined up across the stage & the piper had the take several steps forward so the would not fall off the athe ALL bowed … so funny & overbrimming with cuteness.