“Irish Rebel Songs” by The Battering Ram





Fans of the rebel song will devour this CD by The Battering Ram, which is aptly named simply, “Irish Rebel Songs”.  You know what you're getting into from the get go here and this band delivers it right on the mark.  Rousing, ruffling tunes such as “Come Out and Fight” and “Take it Down from the Mast” are full of the flavor and verve that marks this type of music so well.  Other standouts are “British Army” and “Wind That Shakes The Barley”.

This particular CD has been around since the late 90s, but it's still well worth investing in if you are into the style.  Perfect for when you are in the mood to get feisty or need a little lift, you can pass on the ballads and pop this on instead.  It will get you going.  And the band couldn't have a more perfect name!

It can be difficult to take traditional songs and successfully interpret them through the lens of the musicians who play them–especially with this type of music.  This band doesn't have that problem.  Each song seems natural and flows easily as if they took part in their creation.  I'm guessing that the band's passion for this type of song is what allows that to happen.  There's an element of conviction here that is simple, real and honest.  It shows through in both the instrumentation and the vocals.

Protest music and rebel songs have a distinct place in Irish music and this is really a nice collection of them here.  There are 14 tracks in all, and each resonates.  You'll want to sing along.

Artist: The Battering Ram
Album: Irish Rebel Songs

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