Review: “Live Out Loud” By Maidens IV

I'm excited about this review because this is the first one I've ever done about a group that I've actually heard of before. Maidens IV have graced these pages many times before, and I first heard them on the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast. It's difficult to say anything about them that hasn't be said before. Maidens IV is made up of four formerly homeschooled sisters who are so talented in their music that I half suspect some midnight deal at a crossroads.

Live Out Loud is no exception, and it's an evenly paced album that never loses the listener. The songs are a mixture of original songs and great arrangements of traditional songs. In fact, on this album there is an interesting version of Danny Boy; with a song that is so overused as Danny Boy, that's hard to do. But with their harmonies they make it new again. My favorite song has to be the first track Here's a Health which has a complex arrangement that reminds me of Heather Dale, and starts the album off right. Of the original songs Grace Out Loud and The Potter stand out with their sheer exuberance.

The only weak point is The Party Song; it is dull and goes on a tad too long. Actually it's much like many parties I've been to, so that may have been the point. But other than that small point it is a sterling effort, and beautifully displays the talent and energy we've come to expect from Maidens IV.

Artist: Maidens IV
Album: Live Out Loud

Hometown: Loudonville, Ohio
Similar Artists: Heather Dale, Nicklecreek, Solas

Gail Rybak is an occasional writer, artist, Avon Lady, and she helps run Amelia’s Heirlooms. She is also a full-time geek and cat owner, and enjoys writing for Celtic Music Magazine. She is also the keeper of a very fine hat collection.

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