Make It A Celtic Christmas

With the holiday season upon us, I wanted to take a few minutes and share some ideas for adding a little Celtic flavor to Christmas with the readers here. A few are things I've seen and a few are things I have done myself.

Celebrate your Celtic heritage and bring something a little different to the festivities by doing one or more of the following:

  • Decorate your tree in a “Celtic” theme. This can really be anything you want–get creative! Whether you make ornaments by hand or start a tradition of buying decorations with a Celtic theme, it can be fun to create a look that is all your own.
  • Make a Celtic slideshow. If you are computer-savvy, why not do a slideshow of photos that reflect on your family's Celtic heritage? You can add some appropriate music and create copies for everyone in the family. This is a project that can double as a gift!
  • Write a Celtic carol. Do you play an instrument? Can you sing? Amuse friends and family by coming up with your own Christmas carol–Celtic-style! It's fun at parties!
  • Host a theme party. You don't have to restrict costumes to Halloween. Why not have a holiday party with a Celtic costume theme? It makes for great pictures and good memories.
  • Do Celtic cards. Head out to a Celtic store (or shop online) and get some cards with a theme that reflects your heritage–or pen something appropriate yourself if you have the gift. It's nice to send something out besides snowmen and Santa Claus.
  • Give Celtic gifts. Support the Celtic marketplace by giving gifts from merchants that sell related products. You can get anything from a nice sweater to a piece of lovely crystal–and don't forget the Celtic MP3s!

My best wishes to all for a wonderful holiday season!

Oh, and if you have a way of infusing a little “Celtic” flavor into your holiday season, please do share it here!

Catherine L. Tully specializes in writing about the arts, lifestyle and travel. She is the Owner of 4dancers, a blog for those who love dance, and Editor for Freelance-Zone, an award-winning site for freelance writers. Catherine also reviews music for Celtic Music Magazine.

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