MP3: Mingulay Boat Song by Marc Gunn


Marc Gunn is a Celtic folk musician. He is known as The Celtfather for his incredible support Celtic musicians and community. Gunn frequently combines his love traditional Celtic songs with twisted lyrics. However, his latest album celebrates his Scottish heritage with some of the most-popular songs to ever emerge from Scotland. The name says it all–“Scottish Songs of Drinking & Rebellion”. It is traditional Scottish songs, largely from the Jacobite rebellion, songs by Robert Burns, and just some good old fashion drinking songs from Scotland. In 2010, he took a group of fans to Scotland, singing many of these songs in a pub in Oban. The music and singer were a hit, flooding the pub with warm smiles and loud clapping and cheers of joy. That defines the heart of Marc Gunn's music.

Artist: Marc Gunn

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Download MP3: Mingulay Boat Song

Website: Marc Gunn

Hometown: Austin, TX

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