MP3: “The Ballad of Colonel John Macintosh” by Rathkeltair


Rathkeltair blends compelling and catchy original songs with tight, driving straight-ahead rock-n-roll, while never forgetting its Celtic roots.

Based in Jacksonville Beach, Florida, Rathkeltair has been on the road full-time since 2003.  Highly regarded for its extraordinary energy, showmanship and professionalism, Rathkeltair enjoys a loyal and rapidly expanding community of friends and fans.

Rathkeltair features three veteran road-warriors from England, Northern Ireland and America.  Noted singer-songwriter/guitarist Trevor Tanner, former front man for The Bolshoi, a mainstay of the UK club scene at the height of the MTV era and the subject of a rabid international underground cult following, writes most of the band's original material.  Drummer Nick Watson (formerly of the Field Marshal Montgomery Pipe Band) and bagpiper/multi-instrumentalist Neil Anderson are two of the original members of Clan Na Gael (7 Nations), the NYC-based band that kicked off the “kilt rock” phenomenon in the US in the mid-90's and inspired many of the groups working in that genre today.

Rathkeltair's name-sake is a famous historical site in County Down, Northern Ireland, also known as the “mound of Down.”  Besides being close to the village where Nick was born and raised, the band chose the name as a tip of the hat to its Celtic heritage.

Rathkeltair has been featured at many of the biggest and best-known Celtic Festivals in North America including the Dublin Irish Festival (Dublin, OH), New Hampshire Highland Games (Loon Mountain, NH), Long's Peak Scottish-Irish Highland Festival (Estes Park, CO), Grandfather Mountain Highland Games (Linville, NC), and the Glengarry Highland Games, Ontario, Canada.

Band: Rathkeltair

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Hometown: Jacksonville Beach, FL

Similar Artists: Seven Nations, The Pogues, Flogging Molly, Dropkick Murphys

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